The moore legend

There's talking about it and then there's being about it. Maya Moore is very much about it. That's the level of talent we're talking about with Maya Moore. The 1 pick in the WNBA draft, you tell me if this is an impressive resume. What Maya Moore chose to do is in my opinion one of the most selfless things we've ever seen happen in sports. You simply do not see one of the GOATs to ever play a sport and one of the most decorated basketball players ever halt their career in their prime to fight against an injustice.

For those who don't know the story, Johnathan Irons was wrongfully convicted in and sentenced to 50 years in prison. You can read more about the story here. True hero shit. Given what's happening in the world at the moment, a story like this is pretty inspirational. I don't know how many high profile athletes at the top of their profession would make a choice like this, but I imagine the list is extremely short.

Maya Moore didn't just talk about it she went out and did it and didn't stop no matter what obstacles were in her way. If you don't think she's a legend then you're just being an asshole. And don't even think of saying shit about the WNBA either.

the moore legend

Facebook Twitter Copy Link. All rights reserved.Jul 2, The day after Jonathan Irons walk out of prison for good, activist and basketball legend Maya Moore spoke with members of the media Thursday morning on how she feels and the work that still needs to be done.

Overall she said there was a lot of relief and even more fatigue. Moore had put her incredibly decorated playing career on hold to dedicate time to the cause and saw it pay off in the form of a wrongfully convicted man being reunited with his family and regaining his freedom.

She noted that she will take a slight break to rest and recover after an overall draining process before getting back to work in her fight for prosecutorial reform, a lane she said she will stay in moving forward. Moore also gave tips for those who want to join the fight for social justice and reform but may not know where to start. As an athlete, she said the Athletes for Impact organization helped educate her on how to start. On it are tips on how one can help with various causes, petitions, scripts to fill out and send to elected officials and more.

The University of South Carolina has seen its athletes answer this call over the last few months as players have been vocal on social media and out in the streets attending protests. The Gamecock football team lead a march to the State House and in an interview afterwards, head coach Will Muschamp said the time for action is now.

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The more you know about somebody the more you feel comfortable with them and that's what we've got to continue to do. The two unacceptable words at this time as a team that we talked about was silence and violence.

Actions are louder than words.

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I can put out a paragraph on social media that does nothing compared to what we did Friday as a football team, but the actions are what we need. We can't be silent about racial inequality at this time. Violence, Dr. Here's a look at some key televised matchups.

The SEC announced Friday that there will be provisions in place for student-athletes who choose not to participate in fall sports during the Jul 17, Given annually to the most outstanding collegiate tight end, the award recipient is selected by vote of the John Mackey Award Selection Committee.

Jul 16, Top Stories. Chaunte'l Powell Jul 2, Comments 3. Sort: Newest. Jul 2. Chaunte'l Powell an hour ago. Chaunte'l Powell 15 hours ago. Chaunte'l Powell 20 hours ago. Chaunte'l Powell Jul 17, University of South Carolina Athletics Jul 17, Chaunte'l Powell Jul 16, Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve tells Holly Rowe that she is optimistic about Maya Moore making her return to the team after the coronavirus pandemic.

They stand in a circle, holding hands. Moore prays with them before heading inside. Her hair is pulled back and laid under a headband, just like it was when she was one of the greatest basketball players in the world, when winning championships, not fighting for justice, was her focus. Her blue suede sneakers squeak against the marble tile as she descends the stairs to the security X-ray machine, empties her pockets and puts her purse on the belt, then marches up the narrow stairs to the main floor of the courthouse.

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Moore's family and friends form a crowd outside the hearing room. The group is big enough -- a couple dozen people -- that there is a question about whether the hearing should be moved to the upper chamber. After it's decided that today's proceedings will happen here, in the smaller room, Moore's family follows her inside. Four rows of wooden pews make up the seating area.

Two tables for the respective legal teams sit in front of a wooden banister. Moore and her loved ones fill the first two pews that extend across the room and half of the third. A man named Jonathan Irons enters the room, the chains of his silver shackles clanking against the floor with his every step. He's wearing an orange jumpsuit. He looks over at the crowd.

The shackles stay on.

the moore legend

Moore sits next to her mother, Kathryn, in the front pew, 6 feet from Irons, her eyes fixated on the profile of his face. Her godparents, Cheri and Reggie Williams, who have advocated for Irons for the past 15 years, sit behind them and next to Cheri's parents. It was Cheri's father, Hugh Flowers, who first formed a bond in the early s with Irons while volunteering as the choir director at Jefferson City Correctional Center.

Maya Moore Is An Absolute Legend

Irons, who grew up without knowing his birth father, grew so close to Flowers that he came to see him as a father figure. Moore's fourth-grade teacher, Joni Henderson, sits next to the Williams family. Even the judge, Daniel Green, is connected to Moore. He coached her kindergarten soccer team.

Irons calls to Jonathan Williams, Cheri's year-old son. Jonathan stands, clasping a large brown envelope -- details of Irons' case, the product of over a decade of investment in Irons by the Williams family. The room laughs in collective exhale. Kathryn leans over to Maya and whispers in her ear, giving her shoulder a comforting squeeze.

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Maya gives her mother a nod before reaching back a pew to clasp Henderson's hand. Today is Jonathan Irons' Hail Mary. It is, in many respects, Maya Moore's too. This hearing is Irons' best chance to try to convince at least one person in the criminal justice system of the innocence he's claimed for over two decades. And it is Moore's opportunity to prove that leaving the WNBA at the height of her talents was not in vain.Former Mount Vernon boys basketball coach Dave Moore who went in 15 seasons with the Jackets, passed away Monday.

He was But, some have an even larger impact on those players off the court. Mount Vernon lost one of its best Monday when Dave Moore passed away at the age of He was a staple for Mount Vernon basketball. He had tremendous success on the floor, but if you talk to any of his former players, his impact on them off the court was tremendous. For me, I know he made me into a better person besides a better player.

Moore was the head varsity boys basketball coach at Mount Vernon High School fromaccumulating an incredible record of His teams won nine league titles and three district titles. Moore was known as a very disciplined coach, and his teams reflected that. We had a great father-son type relationship.

He was proud of your accomplishments. When you did well, he would tell you.

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He took over a successful program in and kept things going, finding success quickly and recording only one losing record in 15 years. I think that turned out to be a pretty good decision. Moore won 18 games and the league championship in that first season, laying the groundwork for a tremendous career. He also spelled out pretty quickly to his new team how he was going to coach.

I missed. Practice was definitely the time Moore used to mold his young players. He was very organized in his practices, planning things out to the last detail. And if things went off track, he let the players know about it.

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We won the next game against a really good team. He worked his players hard during practices, as well as in the classroom. But, he also enjoyed his time with them, taking them to Mr.

Legend Moore

Pizza or bringing in donuts for early morning practices. He ran the Sunshine League for kids in fourth and fifth grades, helping them learn the fundamentals of basketball while also having fun.

He may not always use it, but he always encouraged that, asking us what we thought.

the moore legend

I modeled my baseball and basketball programs the way he ran his programs. I probably incorporated a lot of his ideas into both of my programs. Do your part to support local journalism Subscribe to our e-edition to read this and many other articles written by your neighbors.

Already a subscriber? Log in. Fred Main: or fmain mountvernonnews.Ott Adams was facing a quandary. The horseman had one of the greatest sires in Quarter Horse history on his ranch at Alice, Texas. The horse — Little Joe, a son of Traveler out of the Sykes Rondo mare Jenny — was foaled in and now, at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties, Ott knew the day was approaching when he would have to find a replacement for the stallion.

Even then, that kind of blood did not come cheap. Ott bred the mare to Little Joe the day she arrived on his ranch. The result, however, was a filly that Ott named Aloe and soon sold to another noted horseman, John Dial of Goliad, Texas. Della Moore was dry the next year, as she turned out to be every other year. In any case, Joe Moore was born either the year before or the year after Ott, under severe financial pressure, was forced to sell Little Joe. But at least the horseman had what looked to be a suitable replacement.

Joe Moore grew into a fine-looking bay stallion though his head left something to be desired. Nonetheless, Joe Moore from this throatlatch back was a splendid Quarter Horse, a perfectly proportioned, well-muscled stallion with sloping shoulders, straight forelegs with short cannons, a good barrel, and strong hips and hind legs, all packed into a He was used most of his life in the production of ranch stock, but his great heritage of speed has been successfully passed on to many sprinting favorites, grandsons and granddaughters as well as direct get.

To comment, write to a qhajrnl aqha. Legend: Joe Moore. Home legend: joe moore. Jet Moore was one of the best sons, if not the best son, of Little Joe. Ott liked him from the day he was born. Jul 18, RacingRacing. July Stakes Recap.

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Jul 19, RacingRacing. Rainbow Oaks. Ford Youth World Health Protocols. Rainbow Derby. Jul 17, RacingRacing. Curtis Sampson Dies. Back to top.One of the captives was a young soldier by the name of Moore. His name may not have been Robert Alec Moore. Chief Pathkiller stood the white soldiers in front of the tribal council who sentenced young Moore to be bound and burned at the stake the following day.

That evening the warriors celebrated their victory by dancing and drinking the white man's whiskey until at last every warrior was in a deep sleep. Seeing the exhausted warriors were not an immediate threat, she led a pony from the camp, silently loading the pony's back with a few supplies. Then, she quietly slipped up to the prisoners, cut the bonds of Moore, gave him moccasins for his feet and together they slipped out of camp.

Retrieving the pony, they began their perilous journey. Traveling by night and hiding in daylight they cautiously made their way deep into the wilderness. Chief Pathkiller was furious. He and a large war party set off in pursuit. The warriors were often seen riding over a mountain ridge while Pathkiller's daughter and Moore were concealed below another ridge.

The angry Chief and his men often came close to where his daughter and Moore were hiding. The two fugitives survived by eating berries and herbs and whatever other raw food they found.

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Building a campfire was not possible. Then bad weather came with a fury. Snow blanketed the forest and for many days they were afraid to move out of hiding for fear of leaving tracks in the snow. In desperation and near starvation, they killed their pony for food. As the weather finally cleared after several days, the two set out again.

After several weeks, they finally reached the safety of a white settlement. Pathkiller's daughter gave up her Indian identity and married Moore. Polly Pathkiller Moore died in Tennessee.

Her husband preceded her in death. The story above is probably not a factual account, but the characters are real and are discussed in following paragraphs. Pathkiller died in in Hamilton County, Tennessee. An historical monument of Chief Pathkiller stands at the corner of the two states. Her was husband John Calvin McGuire, Chief Nunnaa hi-Diha Pathkiller B.

Nancy Ann Polly. Quatee Elizabeth.

MOORE THAN A LEGEND #6 - Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

One objection to the assertion that Robert A.I grew up in Edison in the 70s, although I've long since moved away. My maternal grandparents are buried in the same churchyard, on the Woodbridge Avenue side in front of the church. I am familiar with both the Hoopar brothers and Mary Moore legend and grave sites, as was my father, who grew up in the neighbor hood in the 30sand 40s.

I personally visited both in my boyhood with school mates, and can attest that the Mary Moore stone had a skull and crossbones on it, above the text if memory serves. If she was, would she even have been buried in consecrated ground?

In any case, her legend was definitely part of local lore and the "curse" was a deliciously scary piece of my childhood. We all talked about what would happen if you walked around her grave at midnight, counterclockwise, chanting, "I hate Mary Moore," which is how I remember it.

No one I know actually ever attempted doing so, mind you. It is my understanding that her stone was eventually defaced beyond recognition by vandal s. Gene Graff. The real story of Mary Moore's gravestone being stolen is in my book. Read my book about growing up as a troubled teenager in Edison, NJ in the 's. It sold units in 19 days! Excuse me sir, I've developed a huge interest in locating the site of her grave, if not the actual marker itself.

Would you be able to provide any direction as to where in the cemetery she's buried, or some graves that are nearby? I have hunches but I would love some perspective from before the marker's removal. Thank you so much! Rachel James. I can tell you exactly where it was in the 80s. I also heard the story of the stolen headstone and what happened to the boys that did it. I believed it then as there was a newer looking headstone for her when I was a kid and they said that people bought a new one after the vandalism.

It stood out as every other stone was old.

the moore legend

There were 2 supposed sites for her within that cemetary but the one with the new stone had bars around the plot and was next to the little walking path. The grave of the twin boys used to scare me more though. At the time it was moved slightly and you could see the darkness underneath it. In the photo here it looks like it got refurbished a bit since I was a kid. I was born in Edison not far from that cemetery my mothers family was also from Edison the headstone was stolen in the mid to late 70s by 2 brothers by the last name perupski or something to that effect one brother stole it and hid the stone in his closet and was later hit and killed by a car and the other brother smashed the headstone and was also later killed in an automobile accident.

I had always heard that after she was killed, the locals believed she would come back from the dead to kill them. So they cut her body into three, and she was buried in three different cemeteries in Edison. Did anyone else ever hear this version?

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